Hello world

So I can’t resist. I am starting a blog about knitting, pets and my life.

When I was a child my mother tried to teach me to knit, but I could not be tied down (pun intended) like that. It was the 70’s.. who had time to knit? Macramé! Now that was the thing back then LOL! I made a few plant holders and a wall hanging and that was that.

Well, Mom died about this time last year. Now I feel the urge to try again. The first thing I am drawn to is all the pretty yarn! Oodles and oodles of soft, coarse, silky, itchy, cottony yarn! Colors that would make the Easter Bunny jealous!

Then there are the needles. I am NOT going to buy the aluminum $1 needles (though I have them) when I can use the expensive custom wood needles that call me like a siren! I wish Mom were still alive, and I wish she were well again, so she could hold one of those pretty rosewood needles in her hands!

I have always been closest to my mother when she was not around. Now we are thick as thieves! If only she knew that…

So I start with simple things. I am loaded up with expensive needles, pretty yarn, some easy patterns and three partially finished projects!

Now my next challenge. I bred Chihuahuas last year, but my mommies were extra fertile and I could not sell all of the puppies! I had a few that just did not leave, and they bonded to us. When I finally did get them homes, the new families could not bond with them and sent them back.. so now I have a lot of pets that are MINE all MINE! (or I am theirs.. but I digress).

I sit down to knit and I have a face full of Chihuahuas all trying to be the dog that gets to sit in my lap! I have a tiny one on my chest, two down the cracks of the couch, one or two on my legs (blood has drained from my feet by this time).. and I find it very hard to knit like this. And the poor cats who are afraid to come downstairs will sit and look down at me from above letting me know that they have not been touched lately by human hands. My daughter lives upstairs, she can be the cat lady for awhile!

That is my life.

So on this blog, I will talk about things like that, fit some knitting observations in and hopefully make a page that is worth reading. (even if I am the only one who reads it).



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